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Stardust FR Dimout

Stardust has an appealing tactile surface and a luxurious soft flowing elegance. The 14 contemporary colours includes mushroom, olive, caramel and ice blue, perfect for creating sophisticated interior schemes with added privacy. Stardust has superb light exclusion and meets full UK and European FR Safety Standards for use in all environments. 

This collection is now Discontinued with Limited Availability on some colours - call our sales desk for stock details 01274 518888

Stardust FR BS Certificate Stardust MI FR Certificate
Stardust 7066 Red
Stardust 7066 Olive
Stardust 7066 Off White
Stardust 7066 Navy
Stardust 7066 Mushroom
Stardust 7066 Ivory
Stardust 7066 Ice Blue
Stardust 7066 Duck Egg
Stardust 7066 Cocoa
Stardust 7066 Chocolate
Stardust 7066 Caramel
Stardust 7066 Blue
Stardust 7066 Beige
Stardust 7066 Steel