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Casablanca FR Blackout

Casablanca is a luxurious 4 Pass Decorative Flame Retardant Blackout, with a flurocarbon soil and stain resistant, water repellent finish. With a luxurious textured linen-look appearance it provides total light exclusion with a soft handle and a beautiful drape to facilitate a good nights sleep in all Hospitality and Healthcare environments. Casablanca brings together both timeless design and functionality mixed with a palette of muted earthy tones, resulting in one of our best selling contract FR Decorative Blackouts. Offered in both standard and wide width.


Bancroft Casablanca Collection PDF 1 Jy20 Casablanca BS FR Certificate Casablanca Light Fastness
Casablanca 7037 Canary
Casablanca 7037 Chocolate
Casablanca 7037 Cream
Casablanca 7037 Gold
Casablanca 7037 Rust
Casablanca 7037 Petrol
Casablanca 7037 Amethyst
Casablanca 7037 Grey
Casablanca 7037 Ocean
Casablanca 7037 Blue
Casablanca 7037 Linen
Casablanca 7037 Stone
Casablanca 7037 Pistachio
Casablanca 7037 Ice Blue
Casablanca 7037 Beige