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Oakland Collection

A charming collection of monochrome prints for use in healthcare interiors, with a feel reminiscent of aged wood blocked fabrics.

Meadow - a stylized botanical creates beautiful drapes and sits alongside Willow - a delicate leaf and Bark - a simple patterned coordinate, both are perfect for understated furniture and accessories.In a versatile colour palette ranging from rich colourways to gentle muted options

All designs are available to print on a range of drapery and upholstery base cloths to meet individual requirements and end uses, we also offer an Anti-Bacterial & Anti-fungal finish to protect fabrics from cross contamination and the spread of Bacteria & Viruses. Base cloth options including: FR Blackout Drapery Velvet, FR Linen Drapery, FR Panama Drapery, FR Blackout Drapery, FR Dimout Drapery, FR Linen Look Upholstery, FR Velvet Upholstery and FR UPH06 Waterproof & Anti-bacterial Upholstery. Contact our sales office on 01274 518888 for further details. 

Printed Panama FR Certificate Printed 145gsm for Bedding Bancroft Oakland Collection PDF 1 Jy20
Bark FR Drapery/Upholstery
Willow FR Drapery/Upholstery
Meadow FR Drapery/Upholstery