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Fiorire Collection

Rosa with an abundance of large striking blooms delivers compelling interior furnishings whilst the pretty flower heads of Florentina form a lavish pattern that works in harmony. Both are coloured in 5 exciting mixes: fresh Blush, dramatic Mauve, sophisticated Pearl, rich Bronze, and vibrant Azure. 

Rosa printed onto Como a luxurious Blackout Velvet delivers beautiful curtains, whilst Florentina sits on a durable soft velvet upholstery base. Both designs can be printed onto a variety of alternatives bases upon request including Panama, Blackout and Dimout for drapery and our performance Anti-bacterial, Anti-fungal, Waterproof and Breathable upholstery base cloth, contact our sales office on 01274 518888 for more details. We also offer an Anti-Bacterial & Anti-fungal finish to protect fabrics from cross contamination and the spread of Bacteria & Viruses.

Mazza Upholstery Velvet is available in 13 colours that work across these design, use for accent furniture and cushions to enhance or tone with the two florals or for striking stand alone pieces.

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Rosa Blackout Velvet Drapery
Florentina Velvet Upholstery
Mazza Velvet Upholstery