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Donegal Collection

Donegal is a subtle herringbone print in a extensive palette of 16 earthy colours, blending together the serene neutrals and warm tones found in nature. Adaptable hues that offer an uplifting feel to all healthcare interiors. Versatile Donegal acts as a great all-rounder, specifically designed to marry with our existing prints, including our newly updated Wilderness and Lamorran Collections. It’s ideal for smart semi-plain curtains, bedding, upholstery, cushions and accessories.

We have an extensive selection of base cloths available so you can have it printed on one to meets your exact requirements: For healthcare applications, Panama, Brushed Panama and our FR Dimout Drapery are washable to 71 degrees for thermal disinfection along with our FR plain bedding fabric. Our FR UPH06 is waterproof and anti-microbial for durable contract upholstery. All our fabrics meet full FR standards, with most meeting IMO for Maritime use. We also offer an Anti-Bacterial & Anti-fungal finish to protect fabrics from cross contamination and the spread of Bacteria & Viruses.

Bancroft Donegal Collection PDF Printed Panama FR Certificate