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Decovin Basic

A fine and timeless grain in a wide range of contemporary pastel colors. With the surface finish "Resilence ™ - enduring protection", Decovin® Basic is very easy to clean and extremely resistant. The material has been extensively submitted to stains of ketchup, mayonnaise, soy sauce, whiskey, coffee, blood, mascara, lipstick, sunscreen, motor oil, etc. The results are excellent. The material is resistant to disinfectants and alcohol, proving it ideal for general use in retirement homes, nursing homes and hospitals. Decovin® Basic is also suitable for upholstery and decoration of walls, furniture, tables, chairs, stools, and sofas in private homes as well as in public places. A high resistance to abrasion at 100,000 rubs Martindale and a high resistance to light damage with excellent color stability.

Decovin Basic