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Tribal FR Upholstery Velvet 1

Our exotic Tribal Upholstery Velvet Collection, features 5 distinctive animal print designs on 3 warm textured velvet bases, bringing the ubiquitous fashion look to contract interiors. Tribal gives upholstery a decadent edge - experiment with the luxe patterns of Leopard, Ocelot, Zebra, Cheetah and Cowhide for a daring lobby sofa or a wild chair in a bedroom scheme, and lift it out of the ordinary. Mix in a selection of accent cushions in a vibrant colour palette for a slightly bohemian vibe or neutral shades for pure glamour. All Tribal Upholstery Velvets achieve BS 7175, medium hazard standard for use in contract interiors, with Leopard, Ocelot, Zebra & Cheetah meeting IMO standard for Cruise & Ferry upholstery.
Leopard 7084
Queens AwardBCFABITAHotel InspectorChannel 5Winter CreationWheelmark