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  • Bancroft Solar Pro Curtain Interlinings
  • Bancroft Solar Pro Curtain  Interlinings

Solar-Pro® Curtain Interlinings

Our extensive product knowledge has resulted in us developing a comprehensive range of Curtain Interlining options, for all your needs. They range from lightweight synthetics for silks, to 410gsm Bump Interlinings, that give curtains a luxurious, heavy and expensive appearance.

All our Interlinings protect the face fabric against UV deterioration, and offer heat insulation properties, take a look below.



Solar-Pro® Raised Cotton Interlining -1013
Solar-Pro® Pre Shrunk Bump Interlining – 1006PS
Solar-Pro® Deluxe Bump Interlining – 1005
Solar-Pro® Bump Interlining - 1012
Solar-Pro® Pre Shrunk Domette Interlining - 1004PS
Solar-Pro® Domette Interlining - 1004RB
Solar-Pro® Light Domette Interlining – 1003
Solar-Pro® Stitch Web Interlining - 1002
Solar-Pro® Synthetic Interlining - 1001
Solar-Pro®Light Synthetic Interlining- 1000