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Solar-Pro® Flame Retardant Curtain Linings

Our Flame Retardant Linings meet the the British FR specifications BS 5867 Pt2:B & C, with durable and non durable options and inherent products available dependending on your end use.The Durable linings can be washed at 30 degrees making them suitable for the Hospitality industry.

View our FR ranges below.

If you would like further information, a price list or a quote, please contact our Sales Office on 01274 518888.

Solar-Pro® INH FR Polyester Lining - 4000
Solar-Pro® Durable FR Lining – 4003
Solar-Pro® Non-Durable FR Lining – 4005
Solar-Pro® 100% Inherent FR Dimout Fabric - 7005A Natural