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  • Eclipse Stardust 1M
  • Eclipse Stardust 1D
  • Eclipse Stardust 5D
  • Bancroft Kudos FR Dim-out 3D
  • Bancroft Kudos FR Dimout D2
  • Bancroft Kudos FR Dimout 1D

FR Contract Dimouts

Established as specialists in this field, we now offer a range of solutions for flexible light control. Dimouts have revolutionised the world of blackout fabrics, with their soft flowing elegant quality and 97% light exclusion. Based on an specially developed multifilament yarn, dimouts can now be woven in high warp and weft densities, giving them a refined and elegant finish.

Our Contract Dimout are Flame Retardant to meet all International standards.

View our FR Contract Dimout ranges below.

Galaxy 7000
Solar 7005A
Neptune 7006
Starbright 7011
Pluto 7008
Pluto Stripe 7009
Rimini 7022
Kudos 7024
Quasar 7026
Stardust 7066
Eclipse 7067
Edinburgh 300cm wide