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New from our Velvets Collection

Canterbury Velvet We are delighted to bring you our stunning new Canterbury Velvet collection, for use on upholstery in the hotel sector. Offering a wide range of colourways, from classic neutrals, warm golds and honey hues to bold dark shades,  this versatile,velvet fabric is hard wearing (55000 abrasions), weighs 483gsm and meets FR standard crib 5.

You can browse the other Velvets in our collection, including Sahara, Monaco and Phoenix, by following the links. It is worth noting that Phoenix is  available in durable or non durable options, if you're working to a tight budget. 

All our Velvets are  developed specifically for the Hospitality & Leisure sector in varying weights and not only give you soft handle, textural interest and luxurious drape, but also meet all the standard FR certifications that you'd expect, making them perfect for adding a touch of opulence to any contract interior scheme.

If you would like more information, please Call Us on the above telephone number or Contact Us online.

A Few Facts about Velvets....

  • Newly made Velvets usually need time to condition in the atmosphere after unpacking to allow the pile to relax and lift,  improving the fabric's richness and lustre.
  • Velvet rolls must not be stored vertically on their ends, but need to be flat to avoid creases, which are diffficult to remove.
  • All Velvets should be 'Dry Clean Only' to maintain the pile's appearance.
  • It is impossible to prevent pressure marks in the Velvet, but these quickly disappear, once they are made up or hung.

And finally....Try brushing your hand downwards and the pile feels smooth, whilst brushing upwards, it feels rougher and the pile is disturbed. The 'pile up' gives a richer, deeper colour, whilst the 'pile down' gives a lighter, flatter colour appearance, as more light is reflected from the velvet.

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