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Introducing the New Bancroft Essential Linings Collection

We have combined 11 of our newest, finest and best selling SolarPro Linings to create our Essential Linings Collection, with each one boasting enhanced characteristics and offering exceptional quality at competitive prices. This maximum performance range includes all the core products needed to meet the varied demands of each individual project. A true go-to collection that features advanced composition & construction resulting in the best UK linings offer available.

The Bancroft Essential Linings Collection includes the following products:

SolarPro Supreme Lining - 1013  (White & Ivory)

Our top of the range lining has a 100% cotton composition with a warm brushed cotton backing that adds extra fullness to curtains. The brushed backing eliminates the need for an interlining giving both time and cost savings and a superior quality to work with during make-up whilst also providing thermal and noise reduction qualities. It has a lightfastness of 6 and weight of 225gsm. It is also an ideal option for use with lightweight fabrics and silk, helping the drape without making it overly heavy and bulky

SolarPro Deluxe Lining - 5012 (Ivory & Natural)

Exclusiveto Bancroft this deluxe lining has an exceptional crease resistant and enhanced finish, the best a lining can offer. With an increased yarn content and heavier weight of 205gsm it will improve the finish of curtains boosting fullness and providing better drapeability. It has a lightfastness of 6 and offers reduced shrinkage.

SolarPro Enhanced Lining - 5011 (Ivory & Natural)

Another Bancroft exclusive, this high end lining with an increased yarn content has a new gentle handle and enhanced finish for reduced creasing. It is frequently requested and highly recommended by our customers for being easy to work with. It has a lightfastness of 6 and offers reduced shrinkage.

SolarPro Satin Lining - 5008 (Ivory & White)

This polycotton blend satin lining has a beautiful gentle handle and soft drape. It is appreciated by both workrooms and customers alike for its consistent quality and competive pricing.

SolarPro Twill Lining - 5001 (Ivory)

Giving an easy-care finish with minimal shrinkage, this 70% polyester/30% cotton lining is a dependable and affordable choice for workrooms. With a lightfastness of 6.

SolarPro Pre Shrunk Domette Interlining - 1004PS  (Natural & Bleached)

A 100% natural cotton interlining in a thicker 260gsm weight that helps to insulate rooms, reducing heat loss and ultimately energy bills. Adding volume and enhancing drape, this our most popular interlining gives a premium look to curtains. Pre shrunk in bleached and natural options meaning reduced shrinkage. 

SolarPro Synthetic Interlining - 1000 (Bleached)

This 180gsm poly-viscose interlining is competitively priced, our customers find it an ideal product for use with their lighter weight fabrics, adding volumne to the finished drape.

SolarPro Blackout Fleece Combi Lining - 6003 (Ivory & White) 

A blackout and interlining combination that ensures 100% light exclusion - ideal for children’s bedrooms and for shift workers. Incorporating thermal properties with sound reduction due to the fleece, it also guarantees cost and time savings during make-up amd reduced energy costs.

SolarPro Poly Cotton Fleece Combi Lining - 6000 (Ivory)

An easy-care polycotton fleece combination lining that provides time and cost savings by eliminating the need for an additional interlining, with thermal and insulating properties for energy savings and sound reduction from the outside.

SolarPro Blackout Lining - 2020 (Ivory, White, Pale Ivory, Grey & Sand)

A true blackout lining with 100% light exclusion this economically priced product is now available in 5 colours, perfect for projects where price is key. With a superb drape it will protect expensive face fabrics from fading with a lightfastness of 3-4. It has a stain resistant finish making it wipeable whilst still having a pleasing soft handle. It will also help to reduce energy bills with the added insulation it provides.

SolarPro Thermal Lining - 2000 (Ivory & Pale Ivory) 

A single pass coated thermal lining for use where a degree of insulation and light exclusion is required. At a very economical price point it adds value to fabrics. Our new ivory colour works well with lighter shade face fabrics.

Samples of our Essential Linings are available on request from our sales office on 01274 518888. With specialist knowledge and expertise our sales team are able to offer you invaluable advise to help you find the correct lining for every project.

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