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With a superior appearance it is virtually impossible to tell the difference between real leather and our Leatherlike products, such as Micropore® and Decovin®.

Our range of high performance Faux Leathers are soft, silky and elegant with the added advantages of being rub resistant, easy to clean and easy to work with. Beautiful, practical and durable, they are a great choice for hospitality and healthcare interiors. Choose from a wide selection of contemporary colours and grains below.

Micropore® and Decovin® are registered trademarks of Winter Creation Ltd.


Decovin® Contract FR
Decovin® Contract M1
Decovin® Extreme
Decovin® Nappa
Decovin® Nappa FR
Decovin® Nappa M1
Decovin® Sana
Decovin® Tec M1
Decovin® Top
Micropore® FR
Micropore® Nappa
Micropore® Royal
Decovin Diamond
Decovin 50's
Decovin Panama
Microweb Chenille
Microweb Lano FR
Plain Faux leather
Textured Faux Leather
Ronda Anti Bac Anti- Fungal
Decovin Basic
Micropore Vision
Decovin Textura