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  • Bancroft Solar Pro Curtain Lining

SOLPRUFE Curtain Linings

Our exciting high performance Solprufe Linings offer a truly superior range of curtain linings, now recognised as the best in the UK, and which we are proud to say, are all finished in the UK.

Developed alongside a UK producer with over 100yrs of specilist manufacturing knowledge and expertise, the family of Solprufe Linings offer many advantages - enhanced drapeability, increased light fastness & excellent thermal and insulating properties. 

Choose from the highly recommended Solpruf Range below.


SOLPRUFE Blackout Curtain Lining -2002
SOLPRUFE Satin CRF Curtain Lining - 5011
SOLPRUFE Gold Curtain Lining - 3002
SOLPRUFE 63 Curtain Lining – 4002